Sunday, April 30, 2017

Pulling Value out of Conferences

One of the ways that successful business owners learn to excel - is that of seeing opportunities everywhere.  That sounds easy, doesn't it?  But for most people it is not.

Because business relies on human interactions (purchases, conversations, sales activities, demonstrations, etc), it stands to reason that you would want to seek out places where you can increase your interactions.

Many businesses accomplish this by networking at trade shows, conventions and conferences.  If they are very effective, they will be prepared for power interactions.

The goal of power interactions is to squeeze every bit of value possible from your event attendance.

If you attend a conference and just mill around with the multitude of other people looking at exhibits or attending workshops, you are not extracting the maximum benefit for your business out of that conference.

 Ways to prepare for a conference:

  1.   Research - who will be there?
  2.   Reflect - which attendees/exhibitors can you partner with/sell to?
  3.   Can you improve your supply chain with new connections?
  4.   Categorize the attendees into groups.
  5.   Create a plan/materials for interacting with each group.
  6.   Be sure you look at the interaction from the eyes of your prospects.
  7.   Be sure that you are able to create real value for your prospects.
  8.   Practice your approach.

Things NOT to do:

  1.   Approaching prospects with only your needs in mind.
  2.   Having a 'get this over and move to the next one' attitude.  
  3.   Not focus on your customer's problems and needs.

Remember - this is an opportunity to create long term business relationships!  Maximize your business by building powerful allies, suppliers, and customers.  Take advantage of the large group of people and companies you will be coming into contact with.  

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Until next time!