Saturday, July 22, 2017

What is hard to get but easy to lose?

Answer:  Customer Trust and Loyalty

Many people can rehash times when they have felt cheated or been abused as a customer.  However, unless they experience really amazing service - their appreciation is more focused on repeat use of the company's goods or services and an occasional referral.

If you take this posting to heart and build your customer service philosophy around it, things can really improve in your business.

Amazing service makes customers become a replaying commercial for your company. How can you keep customers happy?  Key take-a ways (each is done differently for different businesses).

1.  Honest marketing - deliver what you market

2.  Caring about your customer and their satisfaction

3.  Giving the quality expected for a fair and acceptable price

4.  Taking care of problems fast

5.  Keeping your word (on lead-times and actions)

6.  Going the extra mile - doing a little more than what is expected

7.  Letting your customers know you appreciate them

If you consistently deliver on the 7 key points above, you will conquer most areas that frequently lead to loss of customers over time and never get hoped-for referrals that make businesses grow quickly and with fewer marketing efforts.

The last item is one that is always underestimated.  People (all of us) respond to those that appreciate us.  Appreciation is the key to creating a retail/service team.  Such a team is based on existence of a loyal customer and trusted supplier.  Make sure your customers feel appreciated!

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