Friday, February 24, 2017

Is your small business website effective?


Very small businesses often have a simple website that they built (DIY).  

Very often, small business owners do not realize that:

1. Their site could be considerably better
2. They do not know who is visiting their site or when
3. They can improve marketing and sales efforts by analyzing their website

How can this be accomplished?

In two words:


Maybe you have heard of Google Analytics, but most DIY websters have not. 


What can Google Analytics show you? 

Information about who uses your website (location, possibly demographics, more!)


What the user looks at, how long they look at it, where they browsed before, more!

Using Google Analytics reports can show you how much and where to market!




How can you start using Google Analytics?

 1.  Navigate to:

 2.  Set up a simple user account if you do not already have a google account.

 3.  Follow instructions to get a Tracking ID and code you insert into your website. OR

 4.  Follow your site provider's instructions to insert your tracking ID in a page or plugin.

 5.  Use youtube, Google tutorials or Lynda.Com to become an expert user !!!

Google Analytics can even help you fine tune your site to be faster and more effective!

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