Friday, April 21, 2017

Kaizen in your business

What is it?  How does it relate to your business?

Kaizen is a term that I seldom see any longer.  But it is a powerful term.  A strategic term. A concept.  A way of living and conducting business.

Kaizen is a japanese word - it embodies the entire conception of continuous improvement.  It brings to mind the philosophy of constant adjustment and fine-tuning.  It also helps eliminate stress - and the flurry of disorder that happens for those that make major changes too frequently, without keeping small grains of benefit as they appear.

In a small business, the owner starts out with a huge learning curve - doing anything necessary to  jump-start the delicate enterprise.  It is fairly common to see that enterprise operating in a lop-sided fashion.  Business strengths are fostered at the expense of subtle business components that are vital for the long run.  Eventually the business can topple because of this lop-sided structure.

Kaizen can help a small business remain in balance and grow towards perfection and success.  Think of every fine-tuning instance as a small monthly step.  Examples:

  1. Create a tiny improvement in sales
    - Evaluate and make a small change to a commission plan
    - Put small advertisement cards on restaurant corkboards
    - Give a referral gift
      2. Lower Costs
                    - Change brands of coffee at the office
                    - Review and improve an ad campaign to cut waste
                    - Install an efficient hand dryer and eliminate paper towels

The concept of Kaizen is if you continually evaluate things associated with your enterprise, and tweak them to become the best, you will gradually step to higher levels of success.

This incremental progress should become your STATUS QUO.

Do not be complacent - reach for more sales - fight against waste and failure ... be a person who practices Kaizen in your business!

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