Friday, October 20, 2017

On Persistence

From what we see, this is the toughest business climate we have ever faced.


Why do I say that?

1.  Our competition is increasing (on a worldwide scale)

2.  Our taxes are increasing

3.  Our costs for operations are increasing

4.  Our costs as an employer are increasing

5.  Our customers continually are asking for lower prices

6.  Some of our customers are going out of business.

If there a magic bullet for these issues?  


Each of the above problems can be tackled with multiple solutions, but there has to be an over-riding basis of strength underneath all of those solutions and actions in order to continue and be viable.  The over-riding basis of strength is found in persistence.

Persistence is what gives a company its forward momentum.

Persistence is what pushes company personnel to get new training.

Persistence is what pushes marketing to create new products.

Persistence  is what gives a company its endurance.

Persistence  is what drives salespeople to prospect.

Persistence  is what creates new opportunities.

Persistence  is the difference between success and failure. 

A sales trainer that I met went so far as to tell me "you have to persist in being persistent!"

Never give up - in all facets of your business, figure out how you can be more persistent.  Make persistence a goal among your employees.  Be persistent at providing good service in all your business dealings.  And most of all, make persistence a way of life.

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Until the next time!!!