Monday, May 29, 2017

Painting a picture with written communications

Choosing words carefully:

Every business uses written communication.  Sometimes communications are limited to business correspondence, and sometimes communications are advertisements.

Whatever the communication is, and regardless of the target audience, the small business needs to injects its personality and its excitements into all of its written communication.

Compare these two postings:

Option 1:

On sale today only, colorful ladies T-shirts.  We pay the shipping charges on orders made today.

Option 2:

Curvy-design ladies T-shirts in eye-popping colors!  Today only - super sale! FREE shipping!

Option 2 tells customers that the T-shirts will flatter because of their curvy design and fabulous colors.  It also creates a better sense of urgency about the sale and the fact that the shipping will be free as well.   Both ads have the same intention, but the second ad will have the edge when it comes to customers absorbing the content.

The next time you prepare a business communication, open up a dictionary or thesaurus.  There are many good ones on-line free of charge.

Look for power words.  Avoid boring words.  Avoid cliches'.

The goal is to make your postings as interesting as possible - to paint a picture of your product/service in an exciting light.  To make your company unforgettable.

Never under-estimate the power of the written word.  Think of the times you have been influenced by a product description when you have to choose between alternatives. 

Sometimes we get so focused on getting things done in a small business that we lose sight of the very small details that might be the difference between success and failure.  Put yourself in the place of your customer when you review your letters, contents and ads.  Always ask yourself these questions - 

  1. What would excite the customer?
  2. What information is the customer looking for?
  3. What inducements would give value to the customer?
  4. What would create loyalty in your customers?
  5. What power words can I use that aren't overused.  

Start painting a picture with words for your business today!

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