Sunday, January 29, 2017

Finding great employees for your small business

Small businesses are the nation's largest job creators

This is often noticed in government statistics.

But what is not noted is how very difficult it is to find great employees for a small business.  Since small businesses are trying very hard to grow - they need the best of the best employees to grow with them.  In the ideal world, when a small business goes big time, it would want to carry its initial loyal employees upward in their success - perhaps to eventually head departments or operations.  What are the top five characteristics (following the loyalty mentioned above?)

Accuracy on the job.

Your employees must be good at what they do.

If they are at your company, trying to build a future with you, they must be great at their job.

You cannot keep an employee that does not contribute enough to make it worth it to have them on board.  The cost of doing business is just too high nowadays!

     Ability to complete tasks at the rate required!

     Make a clear understanding of requirements!

     Design jobs fairly, then expect performance!


 Quick Learners.  Employees that learn quickly and are able to help your company to be the best it can be are priceless.  They are the ones that are nimble when new processes come in, and they do not cling to old ways.

Your quick learners will make your business agile, and they will feel the greatest sense of satisfaction.

     Quality oriented.

     Employees need to verify their own quality output.
     Poor quality harms other jobs in the business.
     Consistent poor quality means unsuitability for the job.

Find employees that are willing to work!  Not always as easy as it sounds - it makes good sense to be professional and give probationary periods as well as a clear list of expectations.  If a small business employee is not an excellent worker, all the other employees in the business will suffer.  In turn, the owner will lose stature with the other employees.

There are many other important factors in finding the right fitting employees in a small business.  Those noted above are vital to very small operations.

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