Friday, December 9, 2016

Small USA Businesses Rock!

'Made in the USA' - A Small Business Perspective

Wow, just think about that phrase...'Made in the USA'!

How often do we want to go shopping and at the same time support U.S. Businesses?  How hard is it to find US Products to buy?

Pretty darn hard!

As a small US Business, we have been proud to design and make our own products - and we have to protect them from those who would copy them overseas.  

Please join us in this blog, as we (over time) talk about being a small US Business.  I also will post handy information we have discovered as a small business.

Here is a photo of one of our products

For more information on these beautiful earrings - please visit us at:

And now, here is:

TIP #1:  This month, American Express is still supporting Small Businesses by offering rewards for using AMEX products to purchase from small businesses:

Check out their offering at the link below:

Thanks for joining us!!!  Until next time!